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Desktop PC

Determining what you need

Before you choose a new desktop computer, ask yourself this question: "What am I going to do with it?" Most people buy a PC to browse the Internet, to send and receive e-mail, and to create the occasional document or spreadsheet. Today, even the least-expensive system can perform all of those jobs admirably. But what if you need a computer for more than the basics? Which do you choose? From CPUs and motherboards, to LED monitors and SSD storage, I'll clear up the jargon and tell you which specs are most important to your purchase. I will guide you through the options and build the computer that's right for you.

My advice is...

  • Don't get caught up surfing price reductions: Some shoppers find themselves stuck in an endless price-drop waiting game. Instead, decide what you want to spend on a computer, when you need it, and I'll build a comptuer that suits your needs and budget.
  • Buy above minimum specs for the longest useful life span: If longevity is a priority, get something closer to the current top of the line. This will extend the useful life of your PC.
  • Upgrade at the time of purchase: Often, you can get a better deal on a larger hard drive, more memory, or superior monitor when you first order your computer.

Software installation and testing included, no extra fees

With KW ComputerSmith, all hardware is assembled and tested before delivery, Ontario Electronic Stewardship (Eco) fees are prepaid for you, and all software purchased with a system is preinstalled at no additional cost.


Contact me and I'll help to select the computer that's right for you. Current quotes are available to view here.

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