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My Story


Welcome to my digital island in the Internet universe! I'm Kevin, the owner of KW ComputerSmith. I have 20 years of experience working as a professional computer technician. Computing has always been natural for me and I enjoy helping people.

Computers have been a part of my life since my first Atari in the 80's. Growing up, I learned how to write software, programmed my computer to speak, and chatted with friends online before Internet even existed! My first employment in the computer industry came through a local computer shop. It was my first opportunity to put my skills building and repairing PCs to work.

In Kitchener, I studied computing at Wilfred Laurier University, where I learned machine language, circuit design, and further programming skills. I taught myself HTML and created my first web page in late 90's, back when the Internet was still in its infancy. I joined a Waterloo based computer company after my first year at university and I spent the next 10 years gaining a broad-based experience of operating a computer business and servicing computers.

By 2008, it was time to move on. I decided to create a better business, built on trust and honesty, offering my professional services at a more affordable rate with no hidden fees. In 2013, I renamed the business to KW ComputerSmith and gave it a new logo.

I'm proud of the business that I've built. It has continuously grown over the last several years with new clients and services.

Thank you to all of my clients for your business!

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